Rich Dollaz On Chaundrea Nicole:

Rich Dollaz of "Love & Hip Hop" fame spoke about his alleged 12-year old love child with Chaundrea Nicole. Dollaz told TheYBF about his history with with Chaundrea Nicole and the 12-year-old girl she claims Dollaz fathered.
"This is somebody I know and the baby could very well be mine. If it is mine, it will be taken care of," he says. "We spoke and now me and the little girl have a relationship. She wants me to see her for spring break and my family wants to meet her."
"This is just [Chaundrea's] latest attempt to get some shine. With all that already being established, (e.g. DNA, phone conversations) why are you on blogs now?" He adds, "Chaundrea has seen my family before. So is this all about getting some shine. I just honestly don't understand the motives."
”What are your motives ma?" Rich added about Chaundrea. "If your motives are to get your baby to have a father and being taken care of, you are going about it the wrong way. You are just trying to get a come up.”


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