Travis McCoy Doesn't Miss Katy Perry

Alt-rapper Travie McCoy isn't that concerned with the fact that his ex-girlfriend, pop star Katy Perry, is back on the market following her divorce from actor Russell Brand. The Gym Class Heroes frontman dismissed any idea that the two would be getting back together and made it clear he's in a different place in his life.
"Katy Perry was almost five years ago. Life has moved on to say the least," McCoy says. "I've not been in touch to be honest with you and I don't mean that in a malicious way. That situation was what it was and I have definitely moved on. When was the last time you spoke to your ex of five years?"
"It wasn't really nasty between Katy and I but I just choose to, kind of, you know, keep it moving, so to speak," he added.


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