Alicia Keys Has A Family Secret?

Singer/songwriter Alicia Keys was slated to become the latest celebrity to participate in Dr. Henry Louis Gates' "Finding Your Roots" series, which traces the ancestry of notable African Americans. But Keys pulled out of the series unexpectedly, and Dr. Gates says that her grandmother objected to the Grammy-winner participating.
“Alicia Keys, who I love as a friend of mine, agreed to be in the first series, and as you know, she’s mixed. Her African-American grandmother said ‘Baby…’, we send people a form, we need as much information as you can give us," Gates said. "Like the names of your parents, where they were born, grandparents etc., whatever you can give us. It makes our job a lot simpler right? Her grandmother said ‘Baby, you can’t be in the series. I can’t tell you why, but you can’t be in the series.’
Wow! What kind of skeletons could Grandma be hiding?


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