Precious Paris Resurrecting G-Unit?

Precious Paris is promising big things for her career alongside 50 Cent's G-Unit camp. The sexy rhymer says that she plans on returning the imprint to its early 2000s heyday; when Fiddy was undeniably the biggest star in hip hop and his compadres were churning out hit records.
"It's just G-Unit reinvented," she told Hip Hop N More. "Just [bringing] that whole feeling back of '02. We just want to get that same energy back. Because I just feel like there was a void, music was going a certain way. I feel like everything comes back around and I feel this is the time for 2.0. We can really shake the ground."
"I mean, this is my opportunity so I'm gonna go as hard as I could to make a difference and make some noise in the rap game," she added. "I guarantee you I'm not gonna sleep until that happens."
She also explained the 'Rida Gang' clique and how they're affiliated with G-Unit.
"Rida Gang! It's the new G-Unit, like a sub division of it," Paris says. "It's like a group inside of G-Unit. It's pretty much me and Kidd Kidd and then you have Shawty Lo and Genasis. But me and Kidd Kidd are pretty much the faces of Rida Gang at the moment."


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