Jo Koy Vouches For Chelsea Handler

Comedian Jo Koy vouched for Chelsea Handler's well-publicized hip hop fetish in a recent interview with SOHH. Koy says that his good friend's musical tastes are varied and that hip hop is a big part of what she listens to.
Nice to know her love of rappers does have something to do with their music.
"Me and Chelsea go way back," Koy told SOHH. "We've been friends for like six years now. So I knew her when she was broke, when Chelsea didn't have all this money that she has now, when she was just the other girl at the comedy club telling jokes. She was just another comedian back then. ... To be honest, she's just a fan of music. I think when she does all that playfulnes, it's just for fun. She does love hip-hop. When we were opening the show, she'd have hip-hop playing. So I would say she's a fan but I think she also milks it because it's pretty funny."


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