Kendrick Lamar Explains Aftermath Deal

Rapper Kendrick Lamar explained in a recent interview exactly why he decided to link himself and his TDE crew with Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment. Lamar says that Dre's experience played a huge role in his decision--and the fact that he recognized TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) and their potential as a unit.
"We had tons of offers on the table - money, money, money - any individual would've took the money fast, but it was about these labels knowing the imprint we already put on the game - our sound and not trying to change that," he explained. "Dre knew exactly what we were trying to do; he'd been [with] Death Row, he'd been [with] Aftermath, these [are] from the bottom to the top labels. That's what Top Dawg is; he recognized that, he recognized we move as a unit, and we're going to continue to push that now. What Dre can do is continue to show us the guides and the steps to how he got to the point where he is at with Aftermath."


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