Monday, April 23, 2012

Juvenile Explains Leaving Cash Money

Rapper Juvenile opened up about his departure from the label he helped put on the map, Cash Money Records, ten years ago and explained a little of the backstory behind his ongoing custody battle in a recent interview with Power 105. Juvie says he and Cash Money had to part ways due to 'cash money.'
I wanted to stay," Juve said in an interview "You never wanna leave a winning team. That's like [Michael] Jordan leaving the Bulls. I just felt like I wanted to be compensated for my work, I just wanted to get paid for it. ... Once the success came, things started switching up and I was paying attention."
"[Child custody battle?] if you want to know what the situation is, I want custody of my son," he said of his current domestic issues. "That's all that is."

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