Dr. Dre "Not Sure" About Hologram Tour

Dr. Dre has stated that the infamous 2Pac hologram could possibly hit the road for a 'tour' of sorts, but urged fans to not hold their breath. Dre said that the experts are working on refurbishing the hologram technology, however, and that nothing should be ruled out.
"I’m not sure right now, because right now, it’s a technology that’s happening where the hologram could be 360 degrees. Right now, it’s flat," he said. "It just looks like it’s three-dimensional from the front. But working on some new and different things for the future. Everybody’s in love with it right now, we’re having fun."
"Hopefully, different artists are able to bring out their favorite artists," he added. "Hopefully, we can see Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye. We’ll see what happens."


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