Kendrick Lamar Doesn't Feel Famous?

Kendrick Lamar might be one of the hottest new emcees in the game, but the West Coast rhymer doesn't fully realize that he's 'made it yet.' Despite the fact that he's a protege of a bonafide hip hop legend (Dr. Dre) had one of last year's most acclaimed digital releases ("Section.80") and has been featured in a high-profile Adidas ad, Lamar says it hasn't hit him that he's a star.
"You know what's crazy? I don't even consider myself famous," Lamar said of his newfound fame. "I still be doing the same old sh*t. It ain't really hit me just yet. I still move around. I just get stopped more. The experience has been crazy."
Lamar also recently released the Dr. Dre-featured single "The Recipe."


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