Kendrick Lamar Talks "The Recipe"

Kendrick Lamar and legendary hip hop producer Dr. Dre discussed their latest track, Lamar's "The Recipe" during an interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles. Dre said that the track was reflective of classic West Coast hip hop themes.
This was especially evident in the song's original title.
“Old title was ‘Women, Weed & Weather,” said Dre. “That’s the three things you need in life." Lamar added, "‘The Recipe’ is when you mix it all up.”
“This track was done by a guy named Scoop Deville, and we just went into the studio and added our elements to it. I mixed it up. Kendrick wrote the words. It came together and we fell in love with it,” said Dre.
Lamar is prepping his major label debut, Good Kid in a Mad City.


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