Master P Spoke To Mystikal

Mystikal was one of the brightest stars on the No Limit Records label in the late 1990s. Now that he's signed with that label's former rivals, Cash Money Records, the rapper has been sure to make it clear that there is no lingering ill will between his old camp and his new one.
Mystikal compared his previous run with the No Limit soldiers and his current situation. He even revealed that No Limit founder Master P reached out and voiced his support for the rapper's new beginning.
"The times are different, first of all. It's like oranges and apples. The formula is still the same. 'It's the Take Over The World' formula and 'Don't Give A F*ck.' Show them what it is, don't tell them. It's just on another level. This is a new day and a new time for real," Mystikal said in an interview. "[Am I still cool with Master P?] Yeah. I talked to him not too long ago. He congratulated me on the signing and everything, man. Gave me a couple of pointers and keep your head up and get that money. That's how that conversation went."


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