Nicki Minaj Returns To Twitter

After seemingly endless speculation, Nicki Minaj has made her official return to Twitter. The earth seemed to stop spinning once the Young Money rapstress deleted her Twitter account and devastated her 11 million followers, but now that she's returned to the site, fans can rest easy.
"*salutes the nation of Pinkslam* *hugs the barbz* *kisses the barbz*," she tweeted. "State of the Union: Dear Barbz, our nation will not be fully reinstated to 11 million for another few days as per @twitter. It takes time ;)"
"No. I'm here 2 stay> RT @sesebritish: @NICKIMINAJ Welcome back Nicki don't ever do that to us again, without you Twitter is nothing #UKBarBz" she replied to a fan.


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