Snoop Dogg's Dick Clark Story

Snoop Dogg scoffed at any insinuation that entertainment host Ryan Seacrest could ever replace the late Dick Clark in the hearts and minds of the general public. Snoop cited Clark as being an instrumental part of his early career and went to bat for him against executives at the ABC network.
"Is Ryan Seacrest the new Dick Clark? F*ck no. D*ck Clark, a real n***a. Always a stand-up kind of guy for me. Dick Clark go to bat for Snoop Dogg all times. Dick Clark had American motherf*cking Bandstand. You hear me? With swag. ... You know why I love Dick Clark? I'm gonna tell you why. It was the early 1990's and I just dropped my sh*t, my record had just came out. And I had a song that was out that was my single, big, it was real big. blown up. It was naturally supposed to be on the 'American Music Awards' show but the song was called 'Gin & Juice' so ABC was saying, 'We don't want him on our network and he couldn't perform this song.'"
"I didn't even have to act a motherf*cking n***a, Dick Clark acted a n*gga. He went stone cold n***a on 'em," Snoop continued. "'Whatchu mean he can't perform?' He probably said, 'Whatchu mean this n***a can't perform 'Gin & Juice? This motherf*cker's a hit. If I like it, the n***a performs. I am Dick Clark. ABC ain't sh*t without me.' And they said, 'Dick, we're gonna let you win this one but he better not do anything crazy.' And you know what I did? I put my sh*t in an Afro and put in some Afrosheen -- had my sh*t sparkling like a motherf*cker, had my n***as riding on bikes -- Dr. Dre was my deejay. I hurt 'em real bad and I did it real clean. Dick Clark came to me at the end of the thing and said, 'You know what Snoop Dogg? I love you and I knew you were going to do the right thing and that's why I stood up for you.' This is Dick Clark when I was like 21 years-old, a young player. I could have went gangster and did some wild sh*t on live TV, but I played by the rules. Look at the longevity of it all. Dick Clark."


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