Terrence J Gaining Respect?

Terrence J's tenure as a host on "106 & Park" has been a little polarizing. For some, he's clean cut and cool and for others he's cheesy and cornball, but the host/actor says that he has been able to reach a newfound level of respect since his starring turn in the ensemble comedy Think Like A Man.
"It’s been eye opening because I’ve been able to connect with people differently," he told Sway. "With '106 & Park,' I’ve always had 16 and 17 year old girls running up to me ‘Hey, we love you!' but older dudes and people my age never really gave me that respect. They grew up watching AJ and Free so it’s always kind of been standoffish. So now, I’m able to get respect from my peers."
"Just after the ‘Think Like A Man’ promo came out, a big dude walked up to me in the club and said, 'Yo, I ain’t gonna front man, I’ve hated you since the beginning man but after this movie, you alright man,'" he added. "For me that means the world, just to branch out. I love '106 & Park' and I’m so grateful that I was able to do it and I’m still able to do it but it’s good to finally start to get some outside looks."


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