Warren G. Addresses Rihanna Photo

Warren G. spoke up about the now-infamous photo of he, Rihanna and Snoop Dogg at Coachella. The photo was one of many that featured Rih-Rih (ahem) 'enjoying herself' at the festival, and Warren says it was all in fun.
"I mean, we was just having fun," Warren G told SOHH. "We were just hanging out after the show, you know, just chilling out. That's it. It wasn't nothing more than that. We were just having fun and happened to snap a cold picture. I don't know who blasted it but I seen it and then I blasted it [online]. [laughs] I'm down with RiRi. I am down with RiRi. We've met a few times. I actually went to her birthday party and I told her happy birthday. It was a nice little private exclusive birthday party, it was dope. Then I had seen her at a charity event and we actually were supposed to link up and do some work. So hopefully we will get to. If people see this who are connected with Rihanna see this, tell her I'm ready to work. We're gonna make a song called 'Party Pooper.' [laughs]"


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