50 Cent Could Work With Wiz Khalifa

Rapper 50 Cent could be working with fellow hip hop star Wiz Khalifa on a track. 50 revealed as much during an interview with MTV News; while acknowledging that things hadn't gone much further than an exchange via Twitter.
According to 50 Cent, Wiz reached out while he was in the hospital recently recovering from a stomach illness.
"While I was sitting in the hospital, I saw Wiz Khalifa send a tweet out saying he got something, and he felt like it would be cool if I was actually on a record with him," 50 said. "So I responded to him and I told him, 'Let's work.' I'm feeling good, I was feeling better by the time that tweet went through, so I said, 'Send it,' and I'll speak to him a little later on. Stay tuned to hear what happens next because it's gonna go down.:"


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