A$AP Rocky Talks Banks Vs. Iggy

A$AP Rocky downplayed the Iggy Azalea/Azealia Banks beef. Despite the rumors that he and Iggy have been romantically involved, Rocky says the issue has nothing to do with him. Nonetheless, the rapper also says that he thinks the young ladies should squash the whole thing.
"I don't really got nothin' to say about that situation, that ain't got nothin' to do with me," Rocky said laughing. "I know both of 'em, that's all I do is know both of 'em."
Rocky is a Harlem native, like Banks and has a 'history' with Iggy--but he's not taking sides.
"I know both of 'em, and I feel like they shouldn't be beefin'. They both comin' up; they need to get along," Rock said. "I think they'd make a dope song together, personally."


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