Bow Wow Says Tax Woes Are Over

Bow Wow's tax issues have been well-documented, but the Cash Money rapper claims that he has gotten his debt problems all cleared up. The rapper scoffed at any notion that he still owes anything to Uncle Sam, and said that people that mocked his situation have no idea how hard it is to keep up with things like taxes.
"H*ll yeah!" Bow Wow said when he was asked if he cleared up his tax issues. "Word up. Tell 'em blog that! Yeah, I wrote that check, tell 'em blog that."
"People be forgetting, celebrities--we work. I'm in the studio, I'm on a movie set, I have a million things for me to worry about. That's just something like 'Oh s--t, I forgot,'" he says. "You need that? That's the situation, but I'm all good. If I wasn't good then my black a-- would've been in jail!"


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