Charli Baltimore Revisits G-Unit Feud

There was a time in hip hop when 50 Cent's G-Unit and Ja Rule's Murder Inc. camp were embroiled in one of the most talked-about hip hop feuds of the past decade. Former Murder, Inc. affiliate Charli Baltimore discussed the old animosity and revealed that, despite her label association, she didn't really have an issue with 50 Cent.
"I don't even know him, I just kind of got pushed into it by default," Baltimore said. "I never met him one time in my life -- I was with my clique, so it was what it was. It wasn't anything personally going on, so I get it."
She explained to This Is 50 that she hadn't even kept up with 50's disses.
"I don't know which one, it was a few," she added. "You know, I was with Black Wall Street for a while. [laughs] That sh*t is so old. Yeah, so old."


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