Curren$y Isn't Talking With Dame Dash

Curren$y is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with Dame Dash over Dash's sale of some of Curren$y's music that the labelhead had no rights to. Curren$y says that he isn't really interested in repairing any fractured relationship with Dame at this point--his only concern is business.
As for speaking with Dash? That's irrelevant to the situation
"No. Not talking to him, but I hear stuff from his lawyers and his lawyers hear from my lawyers," Curren$y said.
"Sh*t, nothing ever really happened. Stuff gets sold and I feel like I don't know what happened on my end. So we'll see," he added. "Yeah, its business man, I got to do my thing. How could I do this and do all of that? I got to do this. Absolutely, that's all I have to say, that's all I can do."


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