Nas Focusing On Solo Album

Nas appears to be focusing intensely on the upcoming release of his long-awaited Life Is Good album. The project will be Nas' first solo release since 2008, and he says that he knows this project will demand his attention. He still took a moment to reflect on his time with long-time partner, AZ.
"You know, we were doing anIllmatic show with Rock the Bells [last year]," Nas told XXL. "He came through and held a n*gga down. It's always good getting up with my n*gga. That album [Illmatic], we just had the 18th anniversary [in April]. We were just young bucks in the game, trying to get in. ... We'll always have that moment. It takes me back to the time when we were doing a lot of records together."
"But yeah, I've been four years away from a solo album," he added. "I'm just getting back into the game. Once I get back into the game, you never know what could happen."


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