Freddie Gibbs Dissing Rick Ross?

Rapper Freddie Gibbs may have some choice words for hip hop superstar Rick Ross on Gibbs' upcoming mixtape. Gibbs is affiliated with Young Jeezy, who has had issues with Ross over the past year or so. Gibbs dropped hints in an interview with MTV that his "Baby Faced Killa" mixtape could feature some shots at "The Bawse."
"You’ll see on the [Baby Faced Killa] mixtape. I’ve been known not to bite my tongue. These guys blowing shots at people will definitely be dealt with accordingly," he said. "They’re not gonna say anything too crazy because they don’t want that real life s**t. "
"They just wanna rap, you know? We’re not really into that, we’re gonna let them know what it’s really about," he added. "There ain’t gonna be no freestyle battle or no bulls**t like that."


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