Nas' Quality Time With His Daughter

Nas' controversial track "Daughters" generated enough friction between the hip hop legend, his baby's mother, and his teenage daughter Destiny, but it seems like the family is getting over the bad blood. Carmen Bryan, Destiny's mom, blasted Nas on Twitter after the song's debut, but revealed that was done ranting about it, after her daughter asked her to stop.
"At this time I am going to honor my daughter's request and not validate the song by commenting on it any further," Bryan tweeted.
And Destiny got to spend some time with her father this weekend.
"Hangin wit dad today..." she tweeted. "Used my dads deodorant & Cologne. Now I'm waken round smelling like a grown man"
"Me: I hate wen I spit out the window n the wind blows n it hits me in my face. Dad: ugh Des get out my car. Lmao" she continued tweeting as the went on. "Now I'm jus somebody yu used too know"


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