Hulk Hogan's Ex-Wife Goes Hip Hop

Linda Hogan, Hulk Hogan's ex-wife, is looking to become the newest hip hop video vixen. The fiftysomething Hogan is slated to star in a music video by rapper Ricky Romance--for a song called "MILF." Hogan's divorce from her iconic wrestler husband was finalized last week.
According to TMZ, Ricky penned "MILF" specifically for Linda.
"I guarantee you'll forget about that divorce the moment we roll out in my Porsche ... I'll beat it of course, yeah, daddy do that ... looks like Stella just got her groove back," raps Ricky.
"I'm in love with [Linda]. I wrote the song for her hoping to get her attention," he told TMZ. "It's a perfect time since she is single now."
"I hope to marry her and have our first child by next year," he added.


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