Young Buck's Angry Tirade

Rapper Young Buck will be heading to jail for two months, but the former G-Unit star took exception to simmering media rumors that he has been involved in informing on associates. Ranting on Twitter, Buck blasted Star of "Star & Buc Wild" for labeling him a snitch.
"Lol!! Y'all some funny n***as. Wish I did get 2months. And N***a I ain't never been a SNITCH!!! @STARANDBUCWILD," he tweeted. "Look U B*tch N***a... I'm far from a#Snitch. And I got more than 2months weak a** n***a!! And I ain't hard to find...@STARANDBUCWILD"
"F*ck n***az u play with them Rappers!! I'm a Street n***a First!! Ain't never Snitched on NOBODY in my life!! @STARANDBUCWILD" he continued. "B*tch N***az don't ever associate me with no #Snitch Sh*t!! If u had a ?n***a u could of asked me instead of twitter SUCKA!!@STARANDBUCWILD"
"And B*tch N***az my case is Public Info!! Meaning anybody can see my Paper Work!! What y'all thank y'all ain't gone see me??@STARANDBUCWILD" Buck added. "U know what B*tch N***az... I'm bout to #WorldPremier a Record for F*ck N***az like y'all this Evening!! Stay Tuned...@STARANDBUCWILD"
"The Beast has Awoken B*tches!! F*ck all y'all that Pray on my Downfall!!" he said.
Star responded with his own rant.
"@youngbuck Make sure you put my name in that track N***a so I can play it every day - you know who the f*ck I am!!! #thehater," he tweeted.
"Im going to take a nap now. Stay on top of that fugazi N***a @youngbuck and tell his fans I said eat a D*CK!!!! #thehater" Star added.


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