Jadakiss Wants More Holograms?

The aftermath of the 2Pac hologram performance at Coachella a few weeks ago has left all of hip hop talking about holograms. While many have criticized the idea of dead rappers taking the stage, rapper Jadakiss seems to love the notion. In fact, Kiss says that there are other deceased hip hop figures that should be brought back to the stage via technology.
"It cost a lot, so I think Diddy with his connection to Interscope and Jimmy, I still think he got the resources to do a Big joint whenever he goes out to do a big tour; that'll be cool," Jadakiss said. "I think it was good for the 'Pac lovers and for these young cats that ain't really get the chance to see him or understand him. But I think if they gonna do it, we should try to do Big L, Pun -- let's do all of the fallen soldiers of hip-hop and let the people get a chance to see 'em at one of these big venues."


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