Jill Scott Vs. Tamar Braxton?

Tamar Braxton is a bit of a drama queen, but the reality star may have picked a fight with the wrong one on Twitter. Tamar decided to take exception to something that Jill Scott tweeted about Mary Mary's reality show. The tweet had nothing to do with Tamar, but she decided to take it there anyway.
"Please watch Mary Mary on WE tv. Finally a real representation. Yay!!!!!!!!!" Jilly tweeted.
To which Tamar responded, "Of freakin what? *gets in her feelings*" before adding, "She won't go there*she won't go there*she won't go there* she won't go there*she prays and waits*"
Then Jill got kind of gangsta.
"U can't be speaking to me," she tweeted simply. One of her followers also defended her against Tamar. "I LIKE YOU AND ALL BUT DON'T GO THERE WITH JILL HONEY..THAT'S JILL SCOTT.." she tweeted.
Tamar didn't back down. "She went there!" she replied.


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