John Forte Unsure of Fugees Reunion

John Forte spoke to Sway Calloway about the prospects of the Fugees reuniting. Forte was a longtime affiliated of the crew and wrote and produced tracks on the group's blockbuster second album, The Score; but the Fugees haven't worked together consistently for fifteen years. Forte says that may change the band's dynamic and impact if they attempted to reunite.
“I’m going to make an analogy, and I don’t know if most listeners are in tune with it, but last night, I was listening to Bob Dylan and I listened to one of his older songs from that era and I was listening to one of his new albums. There are certain periods - like you said, lightning in a bottle - where we hear Sam Cooke singing, ‘A Change is Gonna Come,’ when it comes out during the time that it was needed to come out. You can get the best R&B artist or vocalist today to cover that song, and while it might be a great cover, it might not have the same poignancy and relevance to whatever the current paradigm is. Who knows? I’m not saying that a reunion will or will not happen. That’s probably above my pay grade. But what happened during that time was supposed to happen for that time.”


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