Young Chop Doesn't Like Kanye's Remix

Kanye's remix of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" may not have bothered the artist, but producer Young Chop was not feeling Yeezy's handling of the track. Chop says that Kanye's remix changed the song so much and Chop doesn't like the fact that he wasn't even contacted about it.
“I just felt disrespected ’cause I didn’t even hear the song before it dropped, and I kept telling them that I wanna hear the song,” he said. “I ain’t know the song was changed over like that. Keef explained in another interview [that] we didn’t hear the song. And then I’m hearing the song and there’s different sounds in the beat, it don’t even sound like the real beat. It sounded like a rock star beat, and that’s not how I do it. That’s not my sound. [Kanye] should have called me and asked me, ‘Ayo Chop, can I do this? Can I do that?’ But no. I didn’t hear nothing from him. I never talked to him.”
“He didn’t sit at the table and make that beat,” Chop added. “He just coulda asked me. He changed what I put my time into. I made it the way how I made it.”


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