Justin Bieber Praises Lil Wayne's Skating

Justin Bieber talked about his friend Lil Wayne and their bond as skateboard fanatics. Bieber says that Wayne has called him in the wee hours of the morning to go skateboarding and praises the rapper's devotion to skater culture.
"He just hit me [up] the other night," Bieber said. "I was going to go to his video shoot he had. He was skating here [in Los Angeles]. I was gonna go skate with him, but it was like 4:30 in morning [when] he called me. So it was really too late for that. He's into skating, like that's his life." When asked to rate his own skills versus Weezy's, Bieber explained that it's more complex than that. "I mean, it's different," he said. "I like more street stuff. He does a lot of vert stuff. Vert is like ramps and street is like rails and kick flips. [They're] different in their own right.


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