Rasheeda Is Underrated?

Toya Wright, mother of Lil Wayne's oldest daughter, gave an interesting response when she was asked in a recent interview who she thought was the most underrated rapper in the game. The former Mrs. Weezy F. Baby name-dropped Rasheeda as the one rapper she felt wasn't getting her due props.
"The most underrated rapper? I would have to say Rasheeda. I like Rasheeda's raps," Toya told SOHH. "It's her style of rap [that impresses me the most.] I like the way she caters her music to the women and she's a good female rapper/emcee. I just like her style and raps."
"I'm not really big on rap but I like some of her music," she added. "I like some of her rap songs. I'm really picking her more so because she's a female rapper. Her being a female rapper [makes her underrated]."


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