Lil Kim Blasts Biggie's Mom

Lil Kim had some harsh words for Voletta Wallace during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Kim says that Biggie's mom didn't really know the late rapper and that she didn't care to.
"Big’s mom doesn’t know Biggie and she barely knows Christopher," Kim said. "She use to kick him out daily. She did not care to know him or get to know him during that time. Don’t get me wrong, he loved his mother and I’m pretty sure as a mom she loved her son, but she didn’t know him."
Kim also addressed the rumors that Biggie's former wife, Faith Evans, caught the two of them in bed. Kim claims that story is true, but that Faith never dragged her out of bed.
"That’s not true," Kim said. "There was only two people there and that was Lil’ Cease and ROC. Those were the only two people there and Cease was sleep but that’s not how it went down. Trust me and believe me."


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