Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Love & Hip Hop" Cast Revealed

The new full cast of the upcoming season of "Love & Hip Hop" have been announced, and let's just say it's a little short on star power. The new season will take place in Atlanta and features an all-new crew of 'celebrities' feuding and fighting over who-knows-what.
This year's cast will feature Karlee Redd, Lil Scrappy and his girlfriend, Erica Dixon; singer/songwriter K. Michelle, rapper Rasheeda, Eve's ex-boyfriend Stevie J and some girl named Joseline.
Rapper Diamond famously quit the show shortly before production began--reportedly due to conflicts with Scrappy's Mom. So that says a lot about the caliber of stars they had to reach out to fill up the roster.


kemofromoakland said...

Wtf? No, seriously???? This gets no records on my dvr!

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