Big Boi Is Unsure of Outkast Reunion

Outkast's Big Boi has joined his estranged rhyme partner Andre 3000 in downplaying any notion of an Outkast reunion. While the beloved hip hop duo have never 'officially' broken up, Big Boi says that fans shouldn't expect any new Outkast music in the near future.
"We're just really focused on solo projects. I'm working on mine, he's working on his, and we'll just go from there," Big Boi said. "I just like to make music. I can go either way, solo or Outkast. My whole thing is just to keep the recording process going. When it's time to do the Outkast record we'll do it, but right now it's solo time."
"I said we were working on music, not the Outkast album," Big clarified. "Sometimes he comes to the studio and be in my sessions just checking out music. People get excited when they see us in the studio together, but it was never for one specific project. Sometimes Dre's in the studio listening to my new music."


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