Pharrell Williams Presents i am OTHER Video Features KRT Curran J. Swint

“I am different, I am weird, I don’t fit into your world”- Pharrell Williams 
The wait is finally over! Back in December I took a trip to Los Angeles, California with my good friend Shaheed to be apart of a video for musician, producer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams‘ new media group called i am OTHER, which has finally launched. i am OTHER is a cultural movement geared towards thinkers, innovators and outcasts bringing these likeminded individuals together to create and share on one platform.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Pharrell and his artists Leah LaBelle & Maxine Ashley and they all received some K.R.T. apparel. Pretty dope right? Well regardless if they wear it or not the experience was worth it within itself. Check out the video below as you will see the Young King at the 15 second mark. - K.R.T.


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