Tia Mowry Explains Leaving "The Game"

Tia Mowry's announced departure from "The Game" came as a shock to fans of BET's most popular scripted show. There is rampant speculation as to whether or not Mowry and co-star Pooch Hall quit or were fired, and Mowry briefly addressed the situation during an interview with Sway In the Morning.
"When Pooch feels comfortable enough to talk about it, I’m sure he will but I can just talk about myself," Tia said. "Right now I can tell you it was definitely a mutual decision."
"You know what, it’s all good. It really is," Mowry continued. "I’ve been on the show 5 years. I had a great time on the show. I’m very happy with what I did. I love Melanie so much that sometimes I forgot to shut her off. There is no hard feelings [but] I’m here to talk about my book and ‘Tia & Tamera’.


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