Azealia Banks Denies Rumors

Rapper Azealia Banks is denying reports that she was frustrated with hip hop and was putting her rap career on hold. The New Yorker says that she's fed up with phoniness and Twitter--but she hasn't given up her music.
"Don't let the stupid rap blogs tell u i've stopped rapping.. cause i haven't," she posted on Tumblr. "I'm still here.. i just know that being as REACTIVE of a person as i am... i can't be reading EVERYONE'S thoughts all day. its easy for people to hide behind their twitter pages. so they'll say sh*t they wouldn't say if you were to ever be face to face. and when they say these things... and find out that i'm a REAL person.. and they get a REAL response.. they don't know what to do... ... then I'm standing there looking like the bad guy because i got too real.
"I'm not a dummy.... i know i pop a lot of sh*t, and I'm not playing the victim here," she added. "I'm just backing off. I can't fight every battle. I can't open the eyes of those who choose to stay asleep. I can't abide by the rules of "rap game"..... (NO ONE EVEN KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE....LOL!) I also can't be subjected to whatever weird "Light skin hierarchy" the rap world subliminally (and sometimes directly) is trying to promote. I know what it is...the MEN in the rap game prefer light skin... and that's cool, i like light skin too.. but i'm not here to be sexy.. and i'm not here looking for a date. I'm not even really here for the men. (#lesbihonest) I'm a Young Black American Woman in 2012. I'm a 21-yr-old millionaire. i don't have to prove myself to anyone....I've already paid my dues. I and the generations of women who came before me have been through enough stress and crap to warrant me (the new generation) a very illustrious, lucrative, luxurious, STRESS-FREE career & life. and just that's it! Azealia Banks just wants to be free! free from social media.. free from the rap game.. free from the haters, and free from the ignorance! [sic]"


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