Freeway Addresses Jay-Z 'Snub'

Rapper Freeway is breaking his silence regarding a photo taken last month that appeared to show him being 'snubbed' by hip hop superstar Jay-Z during Jay's appearance in Philadelphia to promote the upcoming "Made In America" Music Festival. The photo showed Freeway standing off to the side with his arms folded as Jay posed with sponsors and the mayor of Philadelphia.
"People understand it, but nowadays with the internet, people wanna make jokes," Freeway said in a backstage "106 & Park" interview. "The jokes and everything, when people was making a joke out of it towards me, it was like cool, it was funny to me too. But as far as people trying to put it on Jay -- it wasn't even like that. If you got two ounces of sense, you would know that you cannot be near Jay-Z if he don't want you to be. I was on stage with the Mayor of Philadelphia and Jay-Z. If they didn't want me there, there was no way I could've got up there. ... That's the big homie, man. I'm not going to come around somebody if they don't want me around, because I will feel uncomfortable."


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