Funkmaster Flex Goes Off AGAIN

Funkmaster Flex is becoming known for raging rants as much as spinning records. The Hot 97 DJ went on a Twitter tirade--just a day after dissing Power 105's Breakfast Club on his radio show. This time, the object of Flex's rage was gossip sites. Reportedly, a website discovered a restraining order filed against Flex by his wife.
Let's just say, he didn't take the news leaking very well.
"im right here!!! BOSSIP and MEDIATAKEOUT no one is shook!!! what else you got???," he tweeted. "7pm i will have the city cooking !!!!!"
"BOSSIP AND MEDIATAKEOUT I do more traffic than you !!!! im out here going at everybody!!!!" he added. "VIBE.COM im watching you too!!! your mag is dead !!! is hurting you too!!!"


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