Pharrell Discusses "Pink Slime"

Superproducer Pharrell Williams and hip hop upstart Mac Miller have been prepping a collaborative project called "Pink Slime," which is slated to be released later in June. The Grammy Award-winning producer spoke to MissInfo TV about the release and the approach that the two artists took to working together.
“It’s crazy and I know Mac is going to do great things,” Pharrell told Miss Info. “I’m happy for him. I was just looking at his movement and what he’s doing online. I feel like I haven’t linked with enough independent kids that are doing it for themselves.”
“I watched what he did on his own and thought that as interesting," he continued. "I just felt like I had to do something with him. 'Pink Slime' is his project, and I’m producing it but none of the records go on unless we’re both feeling it. Mac’s like a concert, festival centric kid. And we got them records, man, it’s that hype sh*t. I missed music so much. I was away for so long on the road. But I’m back in the studio now and wait until you see the artwork. Me and Mac did, like, 10 records.”


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