Drake Officially Confirms Aaliyah Project

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding Drake and the posthumous Aaliyah album that he says is in the works. Despite the fact that the late singer's brother claimed that the family doesn't know anything about an album, Drake has spoken about the project, stating what his goals are for the project.
"People should be really excited," he told MuchMusic. "A lot of people thought 'Enough Said' was my single. It's not my single. It's all off of an Aaliyah project that me and 40 are commanding."
"To get 13-14 new Aaliyah songs, everybody should be excited," he noted. "It's not about me. It's not about 40. It's about her and her fans and us just getting an opportunity to give you something we feel is great."
"We're gonna pull in some classic people," he shared. "Anybody who used to work with Aaliyah or that was essential in her career, we definitely hope to have them involved."


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