Miley Cyrus Responds To Tyler, the Creator

Twitter can lead to some strange celebrity exchanges. Tyler, the Creator decided to take a crack at former teen queen Miley Cyrus and her new, 'edgy' hairdo. The Odd Future frontman made a joke about her look and she wasted no time responding.
"Hahahaha. She was like 'Hey, I Wanna Do Something Different.......F**k Me Up Real Quick.' Hahahahaha," Tyler tweeted.
Miley apparently didn't find his comments amusing. She fired back, "My 'barber couldn't even come close to the f**k job that is your face. # your right you should shut up."
"PS Your music is dope," she added.
"That's awesome," replied Tyler.


Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he's so fucking great.

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