Draya Talks & Chris Brown

Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo of "Basketball Wives: LA" fame chopped it up with The Breakfast Club, and Draya decided to dispel any rumors about her, her BFF Karreuche Tan and her ex, Karreuche's current boyfriend, Chris Brown.
"To clear everything up, Chris and Karrueche are in a relationship," Draya told Angela Yee and DJ Envy. "That is their relationship. I don’t play any parts in their relationship. There are no threesomes. Her and I are friends more than him and I are friends. Like we are cool but that’s my girl."
She also made it clear that no one is worried about her. "Well, if you know Karrueche, and you know how they run their relationship, you can tell she is not an insecure person," she shared. "Like, she don’t let none of that stuff people say break her. She’s good. She got her man."
"Me and [Chris Brown], we always remained friends," Draya said of her relationship with Breezy post-breakup. "He was like ‘you know, I want you to meet my girlfriend. She’s so cool. Like, she’s dope. Meet her.’ I was like, ‘Ok.’ I wasn’t like, ‘Eww I don’t want to meet your girlfriend.’ I was like, ‘Cool.’…I don’t think I was an ex she needed to be concerned about.”


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