T.I. Defends Lil Wayne's NYC Comments

Lil Wayne's "I don't like New York" comments have continued to spark conversation and a small backlash against the New Orleans native amongst some fans in the Big Apple. Fabolous referenced the remarks and a senator even blasted Wayne for his comments, but fellow southern hip hop star T.I. told Hot 97 that people probably took what Wayne said too literally and too far.
"When I first came in the game, it was a feat for a Southern artist, let alone an Atlanta artist, to make his way up to Hot 97 and get himself mix show play, let alone...heavy rotation," T.I. told Angie Martinez, which led to them discussing Wayne's remarks.
"You gotta understand where a man coming from," said T.I. "I'm not saying I support anyone not liking New York. What I'm saying is, people who haven't gone through that process of having their freedom taken from you...you have to take all this into consideration."
Wayne, of course, was incarcerated in New York's Riker's Island for the better part of a year.
"I don't think he meant nothin' by it. I don't think he meant any disrespect," added T.I.


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