Wiz Khalifa Says Album Is Done

After revealing some tensions between he and his label, Atlantic Records, over the direction of his highly-anticipated sophomore album O.N.I.F.C., rapper Wiz Khalifa says that the project is finally done. He also says that he and the label have an understanding and are closer to being on the same page now.
"There was always a happy medium," Wiz told MTV. "It's just like I said, you gotta express those views and that's where I said I was at, at that point with me more or less having to express my views and make those stick."
"It's nobody's problem or anything like that. That's just where we was at, at the time," he said.
"The album is completely done and that's what it was, just getting it all the way finished," Khalifa said. "You can just expect it to be more musical. All the elements that you're used to getting from a quote-unquote 'Wiz project,' you're gonna get every last one of those elements, whereas I feel like the first album lacked some of those elements."


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