Kendrick Lamar Discusses "Compton"

Kendrick Lamar reflected on his first meeting with legendary superproducer Dr. Dre and how they collaborated for what ultimately became the final track on his acclaimed album good kid, m..A.A.d city. Lamar revealed that he wasn't afraid of coming face-to-face with a man who had so much to do with putting his hometown on the map.
"I was very excited [when I first met Dr. Dre], I wasn't nervous at all. I was more excited because I knew that this was my shot," he said. "Everything that I worked for, everything that I built up to came down to that moment…that moment, I recorded my first song with Dre, which was 'Compton,' which is the last song on my album [good kid, m.A.A.d city]."


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