Obama Daughters Like Frank Ocean

The Obamas are pretty cool with the music elite. After all, Beyonce and Jay-Z have hosted fundraisers and attended inaugurations, Bruce Springsteen comes around to kick it every now and then--they're pretty cool with the elder statesmen of the game. But what about the kids? The First Lady revealed during an appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" that her kids are fans of Frank Ocean--and other music that their parents may not like.
"They don't really listen to us," Michelle Obama said. "They try to hip us to stuff, you know, I learned about Elle Varner because of Malia and they like Frank Ocean, we are Beyoncé devotes. But there's some music that they'll tell us, 'I think the music is too rough for you.' I'm like, 'Really?' ... They don't allow us to just listen to anything. They're looking out for our well-being."


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