Ray J Says He Has No Issue With Kanye

Ray J is still "explaining" his new song "I Hit It First."
Despite the fact that everyone pretty much knows who and what the song is about, Brandy's little bro insists that he has no issue with his ex, Kim Kardashian, or her beau, Kanye West.
"Yeah, he's a great dude," Ray told "The Boom Box." "I have nothing but respect. Even in these interviews I don't really go into a lot of detail about that situation because it's not my place to. For me it's staying focused on the concept at hand and to me that's Ray J, that's this wild lifestyle that we live and the experiences that we have within this lifestyle."
He also cleared up any misinterpretation that may lead people to think that he wants Kim back in his life romantically.
"Well listen, I have a talent agency, so for me it's kind of like, if you come back to the agency there's a lot more movie opportunities that might take place when you come back to the agency," he explained. "So I mean, people have to look at it a lot more from a business stand than anything else. We have clients, we have great people that we try to help make their dreams come true, so it was one of those kind of lines."


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