{Are We LIve} Fabolous' Side of the Ray J Brawl O_o

Fans and media are still buzzing over the reports of a brawl between rapper Fabolous and reality star Ray J that occurred this past weekend in Las Vegas. With Ray J calling into Power 105's Breakfast Club to give his version of what happened early Monday (September 19) morning, Fabolous followed suit. The rapper gave his perspective on the incident late that evening and, as to be expected, he had a very different version of how things went down.
While Ray J's interview was profanity-filled and full of over-the-top declarations and tough guy posing, Fabolous was more subdued--but no less antagonistic.
"This is not no big thing to me. It is what it is at this point," he explained. "This sh*t is more a war on drugs than it is war between Ray J and me. This n***a is high and coked up or on pills. His rant, I heard it [and] it's hilarious to me. It's a joke to me. I'm taking this serious on the side of where he thinks that I'm the n***a that he should do that to, but I'm laughing at his whole character. There's nobody that believes that Ray J's gangsta to that point unless he's gonna prove it. At this point now, he's going to have to prove all that funny sh*t that he said...on The Breakfast Club."
"What really happened is...Floyd [Mayweather, Jr.] had a '24/7' show for the fight, and I guess Ray J was on the show and on the show, Floyd goes, 'I'm about to have a concert in my living room,'" Fab explained. "The camera cuts to Ray J singing on the piano...and it was just funny to me. I made a couple jokes about it on Twitter, and I guess people had fun with it on Twitter...I came to Vegas for the fight [and] Diddy had a dinner...so Ray J comes to the dinner...and when Ray J came in, he was like, 'Yo Fab, you got me on Twitter,' we laughed about it, joked about it...what he said was, the way they edited it, the '24/7' show...there was people there, everybody was in the living room. It still was funny, we still were joking...and what we were telling him was don't be doing any concerts in a n***a's living room...that's not where we wanna see his career go. We all laughed about that, he was cool."
He continued, "I had a show here at the Palms [Casino] with Jadakiss and Styles P...I'm walking down the hallway to the show...I see 50 [Cent] against the wall, I see Floyd against the wall, and I see Brandy's brother...I give 50 [Cent] a dap, I'm going to give Floyd a dap, and Ray J chimes in and says, 'Yo, my n***a I'm here with the Money Team...and we were talking about the jokes, and a n***a wasn't feeling the jokes.' I'm laughing, I'm thinking he's continuing the talk from the dinner...but I'm laughing with him anyways...and I go to speak to Floyd, and [Ray J]'s still chiming in my ear...so I ask, 'Yo, Ray J, what's wrong? Are you serious?'...while he's talking to me, he's touching my shoulder, tapping me on the chest...so I'm like, 'Don't touch me no more'...and then, from there, he leaned back [and] pushed off of my chest. So when he pushed off of me, I jumped back to him and grabbed him up. There was not fight, there was no swing...that n***a was on that Whitney last night."


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