Bow Wow Wants Respect

Bow Wow is still committed to tooting his own horn. Since most of hip hop regards him as a joke, it only makes sense for the former teen star to continue to try and convince everyone of how great he supposedly is.
Somebody has to.
"Well it's how I feel. Me, I look at things and ask questions like 'What will a XXL cover be like?' I be seeing the cover with rappers that have never sold records or ever went gold in they entire careers; but have gotten like three covers and I'm looking like how the h*ll?!" he says. "I sold 12 million albums went on six tours, sold out Madison Square Garden seven times, and how the h*ll I don't get no XXL cover? Every time I reach out they always got something [to] say on why. Are you basing it off skill? Cause I know some of these n*ggas can't rap better than me, at the end of the day what are you basing it off? I don't get that nod like I should get, but we gon' get it this time even if we got to take it!"


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